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高校生時代、友人の影響でニューウェイブの音楽にはまり、卒業後、“NARCISM”を結成、BAUHAUSやTHE BIRTHDAY PARTYの様なダークなサウンドを展開し、京都のライブハウス「どん底ハウス」を基軸に活動を行う。

In his high school days, he devoted himself to New Wave music by the friend’s influence. After he finish school, he formed “NARCISM”, and played dark sounds like BAUHAUS and THE BIRTHDAY PARTY , and mainly performed in nightclub “Donzoko House” in Kyoto.

サイケアウツGの前身ユニット“NARCISM-SOUND SYSTEM-”を結成。ニューウェーブとヒップホップやハウスを融合させたサウンドを展開する。ボーカル、プログラム、DJ(スクラッチ)の編成で、ボーカルを担当。人形を片手に踊ったり、花(グラジオラス)を食べたりと異色のライブパフォーマンスを行う。

He formed “NARCISM-SOUND SYSTEM-” that is the predecessor of “CYCHEOUTS G”, The sound involved New Wave, Hiphop and House music. It was organized by the parts of vocal, programing, and DJ(scratch). He took the part of vocal.It showed unique paerformances; dance with a doll in one hand, and eat flowers(gladiolus).

大阪を拠点に活動していた“AISOTYPE”にボーカル兼プログラマ-として加入。当時のテクノの主流であったブリ-プハウスやハードコアテクノにボディーミュージックとエレポップの要素を取り入れ、クールかつハードなサウンドを展開。そして、大阪のレコードSHOP・ソレイユのレーベル「ELECTRIC BLUE」からアルバムをリリース。海外からも評価され、ベルギーの「SIDE-LINE」レーベルのコンピレ-ションアルバム『ELEKTRAUMA』にも参加。フランスの音楽雑誌の年間チャートでベスト10入りを果たす。

He joined “AISOTYPE” whose acts were based on Osaka , as a part of vocal and programer. “AISOTYPE” took the element of the Body music and Ele-pop into Bleep Techno and Hard-core Techono that is the main current of dance music at that time. It performed cool and hard sounds. And a album is released from label “ELECTRIC BLUE” of record shop Soleil in Osaka. “AISOTYPE” was also evaluated in foreign countries, and participated a compilation album “ELEKTRAUMA” released from the label “SIDE-LINE” in Belgium. It was ranked the Best 10 of the Year of a music magazine in France.


He formed “CYTOPLASM”. Its theme was “How do it become if KRAFTWERK makes Trance?” .Its live was organized by the percussions, the synthesizer, and the vocoder.


He performed at the sub-stage in “RAINBOW2000”.

BODIL名義でソロ活動を開始。ハードミニマルにDAFやNITZER EBB、FRONT 242、等のボディ-ミュージックの要素を取り入れたサウンドを展開し、テクノ、ミニマル、エレクトロクラッシュ等、数々のパーティーに出演。そして鉄パイプを叩くライブパフォーマンスで話題を呼ぶ。

The solo activity “BODIL” begins. The sound take the elements of Body music; DAF, NITZER EBB, and FRONT 242, etc. And he performs at a lot of Techno, Minimal, and Electroclash parties. And, his live performance; beating the iron pipe, attracts crowds attention.


He takes in charge of the part of music in “DROPS GARDEN” (Gakken) by HYDROGENIC PROJECT.